Self-Assembly Lab : Experiments in Programming Matter

What if structures could build themselves or adapt to fluctuating environments? Skylar Tibbits, Director of the Self-Assembly Lab in the Department of Architecture at MIT, Cambridge, MA, crosses the boundaries between architecture, biology, materials science and the arts, to envision a world where material components can self-assemble to provide adapting structures and optimized fabrication solutions. The book examines the three main ingredients for selfassembly, includes interviews with practitioners involved in the work and presents research projects related to these topics to provide a complete first look at exciting future technologies in construction and self-transforming material products.

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Published by Routledge.

Book Credits: Author: Skylar Tibbits Editor: Athina Papadopoulou Design: E Roon Kang / Math Practice and Hyo Kwon Typeface: Styrene by Berton Hasebe

Interviews: Arthur Olson, The Scripps Research Institute Adam Bly, Seed Media Group John Hoke and Mike Yonker, Nike Inc. Shelly Linor, Stratasys Ltd. Carlos Olguin, Bio/Nano Matter Programmer Paola Antonelli, The Museum of Modern Art John Main, DARPA

International Design Center, MIT Department of Architecture, MIT School of Architecture + Planning, MIT